Translation: translation of various materials, including general, technical, engineering, legal and literary documents, etc.
Software localization: translation, typesetting, compiling and debugging of computer software.
Website localization: webpage editing, translation, uploading, etc.

Fields of translation:
Energy, chemical industry, construction, bridge and roads, ship, machinery, electrical, oil, geology, instrument, equipment, hydrology, agriculture, biology, medicine, steel, electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, paint, automobile, telecommunication, IT, papermaking, textile, printing, insurance, finance, law, advertising, tourism, trade, logistics, news, diplomacy, education, literature, sports, exhibition, dubbing, etc.

English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Persian, Swedish, Norwegian, Greek, Swiss, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Czech, Polish, Dutch, Ukrainian, Turkish, Malay, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Filipino, Cambodia, Thai, etc.